In the last 2 months I have been spoiled by seeing two of my favorite human beings, never would I have thought that two people would play such a huge part and mean so much to me. They aren’t family by blood, but I consider them such. They have heard me rant about nothing and have seen me cry about school, trying to get my little business off the ground (which is not easy) and have heard it all about how my kids are driving me crazy or how much I have learned from them.  Through it all, they have encouraged me, they have laughed with me, cried with me and pushed me to continue working just as hard to achieve everything I have set out to accomplish (A LOT). At times they have asked “how I do it!” Little do they know, that it is them. They give me the drive outside my husband, they are the ones that I am vulnerable with and know that I will see no judgement from them. It is no easy finding those type of friends, that no matter the distance or the situation that they will be there. I am ever so grateful for their friendship!!

My Shammah girl, It is kinda a not so cool story, but I met this babe, through our husbands. They went on a men’s retreat with our church and Clinton came home talking about this man that reminded him of me..scary thought. So maybe a year later, I actually stopped and talked to Shammah. I have this small obsession with colored eyes..just small. I have really sad brown eyes that are nothing special, but have fantastic hair that makes up for it so in all it evens out. Anywhoo, Shammah girl has these gorgeous green, hazel eyes and in her left eye has an awesome brown speck just like my daughter does!! So yes, I was a bit drawn to her in the weird sense, when a photographer sees a pretty face or unique freckles on someone and they just wonder if they could take pictures of them.. I was that way with Shammah, so I marched right up to her after church one day and hardly knowing her asked her “If I could take pictures of her and her family!” Yes, family sessions are not my thing, but married couples are, plus their was only one child so it wouldn’t be that hard! That is the true story of how our friendship started, we started having dinners and lunches we got to talk about our lives and basically this being was beautiful, caring, compassionate and strong, not in lift weights strong, but as a person! Our husbands got along and well they loved our kids and their child easily became my adopted niece..she is quite the firecracker like myself and that just makes me giddy! So finally, I had found someone that lived close by and I could completely be vulnerable to without a care in the world. When I heard the news of them moving to Colorado, I was not excited, but I soon accepted it and boom our marriage vacation was set to Colorado and we were off to visit these beautiful peoples! We text daily, we face time weekly and even from afar she is such an encouraging light, she is an inspiration of a woman that loves God and I admire all the ways that she shows grace to others. She is the best friend and I am ever so thankful that she came into our (my) life! Shammah girl, forever beautiful you are!!



My beautiful Jolyn, I met this beauty back in my undergrad year. We actually met through a class and I can remember not having talked to her yet, but this girl had the answers to the questions that the professor had, not in that stuck up way, but dang this girl has a brain kinda way..and well I am quite drawn to people of intelligence! It’s a thing! We first talked when I brought my son to class and she right away started talking to me about him.. and me being a social butterfly went on to answer her questions. She went on to reveal that her and her husband were wanting to add an addition to their family and well about a month or so later, I asked her about it, she was surprised that I remembered and they were soon expecting!! Our friendship , thus began and we have been best friends ever since! Her family came to mean so much to me, and mine to her! See Jolyn, is a whole different kind of inspiration..she is the one that when I am being to nice and allowing others to kinda take advantage of me or I feel like I did the right thing, but feel guilty about really doing it..she knocks me out of my funk and helps me realize that I am awesome! She is protective, funny, smart, beautiful and encouraging! I never feel out of place when I am with her and her family. She inspires me, she is a mom to a handsome boy, a graduate student who I have no doubt will graduate with honors, she is a wife and she works a j-o-b! Holla!! I love you and I am so thankful for you!!




My ladies of inspiration!! My best friends!!


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