you are terrifying and strange and beautiful, something not everyone knows how to love.

-warsan shire

Shooting our own family photos every year has become tradition. Everyone takes a turn behind the camera, the husband, Brody, and I. This year a dear friend of ours helped some, so it wasn’t as crazy. Either way, it was cold, we did a lot of bribing with candy, and sweets. it worked and i have no guilt about it. the fact that my six year old is all about getting mommy and daddy to feel all the feels, makes my heart giddy. this session was a little different. about 3 weeks before our family pictures, i fell into a funk. one that really had me emotionally exhausted and confused. clinton would hold me at night and i would just cry, he would pray over me, send me to work with encouraging letters filled with scripture of just pure encouragement and love. before this his wife, his forever bride was not her normal self. so when Brody was asking us to hold each other and kiss, it was emotional, it was needed, and it was all my emotional heaviness just coming off. it was the moment that brought me back to everything normal. it was a reminder of the why. why i choose him, i choose my family, i choose to take on each day with realness and take each emotion with stride. so thankful for the realness of this family of mine. da best. 2017 so ready.

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