What sessions do you offer?
I specialize in couples. Couples, and more couples! 🙂 No, but really I adore Intimate Weddings, Elopements, Anniversary, Maternity, and Lifestyle Session…so my jam!!

What is your process of booking?
For sessions we’ll get to know each other via email or a telephone call. We will get a feel for each other making sure we are legit and you are cool with my kinda crazy. 🙂 We will talk about my style and pretty much how our adventure will play out! We will then talk about you and your boo; let you tell your story… what makes you, you and what makes y’all, y’all. We will figure out a date. A digital contract will be sent. Payment done. All the above can be done from the comfort of whatever device you are most comfortable with.

For Weddings
Intimate Weddings are my thing… we will schedule a face to face consultation. We will get to know each other over iced coffee/food… We will talk; mainly about what makes you, y’all. This is so important to me… us connecting on a “you become my person” level is so huge. You are trusting me with so much for your wedding day; I want to make sure I serve you with the best everything…getting to know each other helps me do that! We will talk details of your wedding, what y’all envision, we will look at some of my portfolio work, and then work on making your day as unique and awesome as possible. Contracts will then be explained, agreed upon, signed. Then payment. Then you officially become a Marissa Simon Darling Babe…woohoo!!

Marissa, what is your ideal wedding day?

Ahh, this. I try to let my couples know that their wedding day should shout who they are. When their people come to celebrate and witness them becoming husband and wife “they should say, this is so them!” Unique, intentional, and everything that is them. First Looks, Non-traditional, edgy, those are so my jam! It is great to have parents who support you and are willing to help, but it is a day between you and your mate; not anyone else. Make sure to remember that… I adore my couples, parents, I do. I promise! 🙂

Do you offer engagement photos with your wedding collections?

Yes, yes I do. This not only lets me get to know y’all, but this allows you to get to know me, how I adventure, how I shoot, and plus it gives us some time to just have some crazy fun… oh and when we are done with our adventure session; you can officially put on your resume that you are a professional model… pretty much happens in every sesshhh, supermodel status is achieved! 🙂

What do I /You wear to your session?
Always, always be comfortable, but nice looking. Flow Dresses, hip style, floppy hats, bold, dark, rich colors, along with earthy tone colors are ways to make my heart happy. Mint, neons, and you and your boo sporting one color are ways for me to shake my head 😉 Don’t worry though, I am a style weirdo.. I love clothes and dressing people…so if you need help, I am so HERE for that!! I will for sure always encourage design, such as florals, edgy lines, and well anything that makes your heart happy and you own it.. make it happen!!


I want to see the photos, when will I be able to see them?
I get so excited after a shoot, I do. So I go home, I unload those bad boys, then I really try and send you a sneak peek, like asap!! Typically though it takes two weeks after your session. Sometimes life happens; so it may be a day or two off…or it may even be a week sooner.

Images are delivered via online gallery, available for ten years. prints are delivered within 3-5 business days. Deliveries are made once all is paid in full

For weddings you will receive your images 6 -8 weeks after your wedding date!

How is the location chosen for my session? And do you travel?
Do I travel, DUH!! I am located in Austin, Texas and travel frequently to places all over. I am so game for adventure and when my people are too, then exploring and finding new places makes my little heart so giddy!


Do you offer products?
Digital files no matter what, but for sure prints. I can’t tell you enough how awesome it truly is to walk into “my people’s” houses and see that they have prints on the wall or in frames, believe me, get prints…so real. so awesome. so worth it!

Payment plans are always there to help!


What gear do you use?

I have used a little of everything, but I am a Nikon shooter..her name is Piper. Yes, she is named. It keeps me from having more children. don’t judge! 🙂

I am a prime girl. I mainly shoot with my 35mm and my 45 tilt shift. They do not have names, but I am always taking name ideas! 😉 On wedding days, I will use my 85mm as well.

Do you only shoot in natural light?
Yes. yes. yes Sunrise shoots, Sunset shoots…so my thing. Outdoor weddings..makes my heart happy, but indoor natural light is beautiful as well. Big Windows, lots of windows… that will be your best friend for any natural light photographer. Although I prefer to shoot sunrise and sunset…shooting midday and on cloudy days are legit as well!