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Before I had little girls, which by the way was not in this girls plans, that was a God thing, for real! Really, I had no desire to have mini- sassy pant “marissa’s” running around, much less 2! Looking back 3 years ago, I wish I would have handled it different finding out that I was pregnant again, but more than that with twins. How was I to know that these babies would bring a whole new meaning to patience, grace, sleepless nights, role model, strength and beauty? I remember being angry and feeling so unprepared for twins, how was this body going to handle twins, I am seriously closer to being classified as midget than being average height, seriously 2 babes! Clinton was over the moon stoked, seriously the man saw fireworks going off when he heard “twins” those same fireworks fizzled a few weeks later when he heard “2 girls!” It was for sure one of those moments that I could easily have said “ha, in your face!”  I don’t blame him for being a bit dumbfounded, his side of the family didn’t have girls, they didn’t know what to do with girls, this was a whole new ballpark for them! It was awesome!



Photo Credit: Tamara Patterson

After the sono, we facetimed his parents in the McDonald’s parking lot, we let Brody spill the beans and I am pretty sure they had the same expression as clinton..the “uhmm face!”


Photo Credit: Tamara Patterson

When the girls, finally arrived. It was scary, having premature babies is no joke. When their weight went down to 2 Ibs and 1 Ib, they were so tiny. My biggest fear was not being able to share my love, the deep love I had for my firstborn, my Brody, but that, that vanished. I can’t even explain that love that God makes just for your children, it’s not outweighed from one to the other, but a blanket of it for all.


Marissa_Simon_CorpusChristi_Photographer_0359Marissa_Simon_CorpusChristi_Photographer_0361Marissa_Simon_CorpusChristi_Photographer_03601 month later, when they came home. I witnessed for the first time the other girls in my husbands life.

I watched him as he naturally spoke words of comfort to sooth them,

as he busted out his guitar that once wrote songs for his queen,

now here he was serenading 2 more little queens that he loved just as much,

those arms that had held me endless times to comfort, snuggle and at times tickle,

were no longer just meant for this girl,

that shoulder where countless tears had been shed,

were now shoulders were two other girls now burped and at times spit up!

Those hands that have held me while I pushed and was cut while our babies were being brought into this world,

now gently stroked heads with fuzz as hair,

now changed diapers at all times of the day and night and most of all now rested on our babies bodies as he prayed over them, daily!

In that moment, I knew, I would no longer be his one and only queen, but together we would raise two more queens, to be just as gentle spoken, self-less and unconditionally loving as our Brody and as God called us to do!

I was in awe of the learning and teaching that God instilled in us to do so.

Marissa_Simon_CorpusChristi_Photographer_0363I researched and read a ton about what to do as a mom with girls and what not to do before they made their debut into this world,I read articles on “how NOT to break your little girls strong willed spirit,” I had a professor tell me that with his daughter, he did not want to stereotype what she did because of her gender, so therefore her toys consisted of a calculator, a fake phone, something to write with and a notepad. I kinda liked that idea, not playing with dolls or tea sets just because your a girl. Clinton, he was not for that idea, he thought it was ridiculous. I just knew, I did not want to treat my girls differently, just because they are girls! So let me just spill the beans, I hate toys, hated them from the moment I stepped on a stupid lego, then proceeding to step on a little green army man.. I was in my sons room and he was asleep, so swearing was thought, but not said! Lots of falling to the ground and moving around like a dying fish happened.. picture that whole dramatic scene, or don’t! We do not buy our kids toys, we let others do that and we provide what they need, clothes, food and a roof over their heads kinda deal. That is what works for our household, our Simon5. It works, does it work for everyone, no! Is that okay, yes!

Marissa_Simon_CorpusChristi_Photographer_0355My girls today, one tends to lean towards the momma hen side/diva and the other could careless, she would rather wrestle and be crazy daring, trying to give her mother a heart attack as she smiles and laughs and jumps off the bunk bed knowing that you will catch her, even if you don’t expect her to jump and she does so, just because. They are every bit their mother with just the right amount of their father, gentle and fierce. A prefect combination.

Marissa_Simon_CorpusChristi_Photographer_0356I never want my girls to think that they are entitled to anything. I never want them to think that just because they are girls and they are cute that “life will just be handed to them!” I want them to know that yes, they are girls and yes, they are cute, but they will always work for what they want and need. Maybe I am a bit feministic, thats okay. I just want my girls to know that they are worthy beyond their image, beyond the act of cute.. my queens, they came into this world fighting for their life, they have a fighters heart and raising them up to be women of fierceness, well that is a lot!

I pray that my queens always seek first their heavenly father, that their acts glorify him, I pray that they pursue their dreams, I pray that they pursue those who know their worth, who push them towards their dreams, who encourage and do everything in their own power to help them obtain their dreams, someone who sees them as equal, who loves them fiercely. I pray for them to find laughter even through the tears, I pray that they always know their heart and who they are, they are beautiful queens!


Cheers to the people that have the privilege of raising queens!!


Photo Credit: Brody Simon




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