It’s Monday, it’s my day of reflecting on the weekend and it is also the beginning to a new beginning.

This weekend, I was able to walk the cobblestone roads of Nacogdoches, TX. I went to the most amazing, old timey everything store and listened to some good ole’ sitting on the porch, people playing instruments (I don’t even know the name to), folk music. It was everything my heart loves.

Some reflecting from this weekend.

2 Things.

  1. Indulge in things that you may not know too much about or really may not have found interesting; opening yourself to try different is refreshing, it is a piece of learning that only takes a bit of time and interest. This weekend, it is a given that I love all things music and instrumental, but watching a community of people who share in the same interest, literally sit outside a general grocery store with all different instruments and voices. It is a hometown fill, it is authentic in every form.  So many times, everyone is just rushed, but to stop and just enjoy a bit of the uniqueness of someone else’s talent. Do so, learn and let it fill your soul.
  2. Sometimes 2, 6 hour trips is not what you expect, but if you get anything from it and only get that it was a much needed time to think and know where you would like to make changes in life, in business and in company. That is okay! Also being hugged from your dreamy man after being on the road that long, is all the more rewarding! 🙂


In all, visit the great town of Nacogdoches, TX…take in different and absorb the now.

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