Guys, this weekend was the first weekend that we have had a good, beautiful cold!! I love the cold!! Unfortunately, I have misplaced my good jackets, so I looked like a very confused fashion freak, this weekend, but my couples did not judge, I am so thankful for them! I had so many patterns and mismatching going in order to stay warm, it looked like my closet threw up, so I am on a quest to find my jackets, this beautiful Monday morning!! Some good experiences and lessons from this last weekend are about to hit the Monday Mix – Up!!

  1. If you are going to go to any kind of party, make it an Origami Owl Party, it is the best!! They have so much cute to choose from and they make the most awesome, genuine and caring gifts for anyone. There is so many charms to choose from that can pin point anyones beautiful character, personality and experiences. I won’t lie. I already went in knowing what I wanted and it has been sitting in my Origami Owl Cart for a week now, I have been contemplating on getting myself one, bad I know! It is all just so so cute, Christmas gift worthy for sure!! Need to know more or need to get on to that shopping, this beautiful gal can help!! Visit Christy’s site HERE she is a true gem! I seriously have been to numerous parties, but this one, this one seriously is worth all and so much more!! Plus anything that has a start up story so inspiring is one that has my support!!
  2. This last Sunday, I went and had breakfast with my Papaw and Mamaw, after a very sweet and loving anniversary session! My Papaw and Mamaw, go into town almost everyday, if not everyday and eat at the Goliad, Texas Whataburger! Guys, my Papaw and Mamaw have golden hearts and they are the cutest of cute! I sat across from my papaw and like he does, he told me some really hilarious stories from his younger days, but more than that, he was sharing wisdom, he was sharing what he made of life and guys, this girl got teary eyed. My Papaw, he is a daddy that I always dreamed about and God placed in my life. I am so thankful for his guidance, his words of encouragement and support and his unconditional love. We adventured on papaw and mamaw’s land later that day and scoped out places to shoot my engagement session for that evening. They are golden!!
  3. Be kind, don’t let your pride get the better of you! Forgive.

Some beauty coming this week to the blog!!


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