A little bit of Thanksgiving aftermath. I know like many there are so many traditions that come along with Thanksgiving, whether it be cooking the turkey a certain way, going around the table and saying what you are thankful for the year, or its putting up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving as a family. Everyone has their own traditions, that are just as beautiful as any other, I have been blessed to experience many different experiences, in many different homes and have slowly continued to make my own for my own little family. Our Simon5 traditions are as follows..

  1. We usually spend Thanksgiving at my mamaw & papaw’s! My mamaw, takes family favorite food picks from everyone a couple of weeks before and then my sisters and mamaw, make all the delicious happen.
  2. We put the Christmas tree up in our own home, the weekend before Thanksgiving, we choose ornaments for the kids every year that represent who they are, how much they have grown within their personality and character, or simply an ornament that just reminds us of them. They have so much fun and they love the surprise of their ornaments! We then head to Papaw & Mamaw’s house.
  3. Christmas music is not allowed to be played until the day after Thanksgiving, I love Christmas music, so this is so so hard for me to do!! Kenny & Dolly Christmas is my favorite!!
  4. Christmas decorating & pot luck at our church with our church family! It’s legit, fun and filled with a ton of merry spirit to go around.
  5. Last, but not least. I refuse to step on a scale. I literally eat my heart out during Thanksgiving, who really can pass up home cooked meals, all those amazing desserts that are all made with love…my belly is so so thankful and so am I, so I indulge and don’t beat myself up for it the next week! I just drink lots of water and detox in a healthy way!


xoxo, Marissa

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