It’s been quite a week, I’m thankful it is coming to an end and Thanksgiving is right around the corner so I can feel my belly with all of Mamaws cooking and my little heart can be oh so happy.

Yesterday morning was filled with awesome news, by that afternoon, I was sitting on the bathrooom floor crying, then later in the middle of my bed. The kids were worried, I was worried. Literally, I was crying out to my heavenly father asking “why?” “what kind of lesson are we supposed to be learning in all of this?” It’s not easy to feel that you are taking three steps forward just to feel you are taking eight back, it’s not easy looking at your children, who are looking back at you with worried faces, so after my son asked me “mom, why are you sad?” I knew, I could not sulk in my own worry, so I was honest with him. I told him”baby, our heavenly father is working out great plans for our family, sometimes it is hard to keep faith in that not knowing what it is, but whatever it is, I need you to remind mommy to hold strong for his plans and not be content with my own.” Brody’s reply, “mom, we have a BIG God, it will be okay!” Right there in that moment, I knew his words spoke truth, I tell Brody those same words all the time, especially if I don’t have an answer for him to his endless questions at times! I’m thankful that in any given circumstance there are constant reminders of our father’s great love, his peace of comfort and grace upon grace poured over us even when our faith is shaken. It’s not easy being a mom, a wife, a full time student and a business owner, but I am so grateful that God instills strength, determination and more than anything a faith that can be shaken, but not broken.


So on a lighter note, my two year old, peed in the toilet this morning, yay!! Anyone who has gone through potty training, even more so with twins can share in my win with this!!!


Here are some sweeties from a friends family shoot, I did last week!! Sorry you got tied into an emotional post, but there is truth to be said. So serious up top and get hyped on bottom!!

Mommy and sonBig family

Daddy loves mom

FamilyMarried and in loveMommy and son with smiles

I sat in the hospital waiting room, waiting for this little man cub to be born, he made us wait some, but it has been a blessing to watch him grow, learn and mold into his own personality. I pray that he always find the silly in any given circumstance, even if I am on the other end telling him to look at me and this is what I get! 🙂 This is a true depiction of the Williams Family!!Family love




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