Wednesday, I blogged about our date night box that we received in the mail and I thought it was the cutest thing. Well, midnight Thursday going into Friday, that date night/morning took place. Call us crazy, or more so Clinton always putting that extra spin of spontaneous that makes my heart flutter into action. We put on some Christmas music, that Datebox had a playlist for and we used the hot cocoa in our new cute cups!!

Then we went to work on making this gingerbread house or at least attempted to do so. It was not the best, we had a lot of laughs, but lets just say, it isn’t Maui winning worthy and our kids probably could have done a better job, the endpoint, even if it was 1:30 in the morning, when we decided Maui was not going to happen, we might as well just have fun! At 2:00 am, maybe it was just us being tired, but we called it and decided we were satisfied with our date night and our cute little, incomplete, gingerbread house!

We will continue to use Datebox, its cute, its fun and I won’t lie, getting a surprise every month so adds to the excitement! So yes, like a child, I will be waiting for our datebox surprise every month! January, it gave us a hint.. we are going on a group date and its sending us out for some here is to brainstorming who we want to group date with!!


I’m so giddy over this, I feel ridiculous, but its so much fun!! If you haven’t checked into datebox yet, do so!! Celebrate marriage in all phases, this is fun, it’s cute, and it’s a bit of happy for any relationship! 🙂


PS. I was so ready to be in bed, yes that is an 8 ball, yes, I won it at a gag gift christmas exchange at Lifegroup, yes, you can judge I don’t care, and yes, I totally asked it “if it was a good idea to go to bed?”



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The Christmas Datebox Playlist was perfect!!
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2:00 am, we pretty much said “done” the kids can do the rest!Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0043To my gingerbread house attempt making partner, you are every bit the piece to my puzzle. I love spontaneous, I hate comfortable, and this is every bit why I know you are my forever & ever. Midnight date night with you, any day. We are not the norm, we are a bit crazy, we are a bit beautiful, a couple of hopeless romantics, and a bit lovestruck. I don’t care what you call it, with you it’s all magical! Thank you for encouraging this spontaneous night/morning and being intentional. A fierce marriage, baby!

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