I did not start my inspiration Wednesday’s with my main squeeze because honestly to try and sum up my hotty, it is quite difficult to put into words without becoming an emotional wreck. My husband, yes husband..never thought I would be saying that word until I was about 28 years old, that was the plan anyway. The plan that so many have, attend school, finish school, find a job, travel, get married and then have kids… right?? Not so much!! I did all of that just in a scrambled sorta way.

This man, I found him when I was at an awkward and troubling stage in the teenage life, you know those teenage years when one is trying to figure out who they are, their purpose or what exactly they want in life.. your confidence is either up or down, school can be tough, kids can be jerks.. and so on. Yup, all of that in a nutshell, totally was me. Clinton Simon, the moment I laid eyes on him, it was a Wednesday, it was Chapel day at the South Texas Children’s Home, it was May 5, 2004, and my second day there. This boy stood in front of the church, white long sleeve button down shirt, a blue undershirt, jeans and ridiculous white dress shoes. He and his brother were leading worship and I was in the audience paying no attention to worship, but to the guy in the white shirt, singing it!! I can recall telling one of the girls I had met already “That guy, I am going to marry that guy.” so much confidence, she looked at me and said “Clinton Baker” indeed, I set out on a mission to talk to him. Mission went in a roundabout way like this, I walk up to one of the girls I was living with and Clinton is standing there as well, I basically tell him “ Why the (insert the F word here)are you trying to copy my hair style?” Yes, I know, not the greatest first sentence to ever say to your crush.  People I was a 14 year old girl, going through a horrible phase of looking like a boy, I had crazy short hair, maybe about an inch on the top of my head! It was no bueno and did nothing for my self-esteem! Plus, I was trying so hard to impress this crush of mine and well I had not ever had a boyfriend and had no idea how to talk to a guy. Needless to say, he walked off. 2015-06-03_0004

Skip forward to January, I was no longer living close to him, but about 45 minutes away, the time that I saw him was maybe once a month or every other month. Well January of 2005, it all changed. We had come for Disciple Now at STCH and well since we are the same age, we were grouped together. Long story short, this dude was totally trying to hold my hand, problem was..we were on a hayride going to a bomb fire and his MOM was sitting right next to him!! I love my Mother-in- Law dearly now, but at that time its a given to be kinda scared of the mom, right? So, we finally held pinkies for the rest of the time we were in the hayride. So then the crush phase was on both ends, finally!

June 16, 2005, We officially called it a boyfriend, girlfriend phase. November 2008, we called it a see if this is Gods plan phase, lets go separate ways (which was a lot of we are together, but nobody really knows what is going on, except us). January 2010, he asked me to be his bride forever. February 2010, I told my groom..Hello SWEET THANG, you are forever mine!!


June 16th, we will be celebrating a whole DECADE TOGETHER!! 

Not to long ago, Clinton and I traveled to Colorado for our yearly Marriage Vacation(It consist of the Boo & I, no kids allowed). We took a picture with one of the state signs and the couple that took our picture, asked if we were “newly weds” it was quite cute and then we went on to say “5 amazing years married, 10 years together and he still makes me giggle and blush!” We have it bad for one another and I would not have it any other way!!


This man, this beautiful being, this hotty, the guy who makes me weak in the knees, the one who I simply can look at and gush like a teenage girl, Oh how I am so so blessed. The most selfless man, the most honest, caring, sacrificing all of who he is for someone else. I get to call him, mine! My kids get to call him, “DAD!” He is a range of all the most beautiful and inspiring words one could ever imagine, all wrapped up in this 6’0, green/blue eyed, sexy bearded man!! I know, some may say “this girl, is love struck.” Hey 10 years later, yes, love struck in every way! I know he has flaws, I have flaws,  and I know we have flaws, but everyday he is intentional in working through them and with me. He sees us as a priority, he seeks out Christ and because of that I know he seeks out to be the best husband he can be to me, his forever bride. People have asked if Clinton and I ever argue, because at times we can come off so cute..the answer..HECK YES!! We are human, made up of many imperfections, but one thing I never used to do, ever, was apologize! I had pride issues, and to a point still do. Clinton, has never been one to not apologize, and has always been one to keep me accountable to my own wrongs, not in a throw it in your face kind of way, but a simple “Hey, babe…I love you so much, but what you did, said it was wrong, I know you have intentions of good, or I know you are hurting, but it is not right” then he will give me a kiss and maybe his irresistible smirk and I can’t help, but know that he loves me and his intentions are not to guilt me, but to dig for the person he knows all to well and to make her come out instead of the ugly and hurt girl.

This Fella, he has pushed me on days that being a mom was not the most flattering look for me and has encouraged me to go out and just breath. He is not scared to wrangle 3 kids and he is quite the best of the best at doing it. He is a disciplinarian and together we agree on the discipline of our kids (yes, we spank anywhere and everywhere) (No, it is not child abuse) (we usually, only have to give the look though) (we do not make empty threats) and because of that I am not scared to take my kids out in public, leave them with others and the simple satisfaction of walking into a store with 3 kids and getting what I need done without having to coax them with a toy or candy is simply a topper on the cake. It is AMAZING!!!


Clinton, in every way possible you are the most amazing man that could have ever been made just for me, you get me! You know my pout lip when I want clothes and I can’t have them, you know my weakness of Honey, root beer, Hot Cheetos, and anything vintage, classy and chic. You know, that when I crave ice cream, it really means that I just want 2 bites and you can have the rest. You know when I am determined to achieve something that nothing will stop me from doing it and so you encourage and support me in that..I love you for that, I see you, boy..I see that look that says, she is at it again! I thank you for being a dreamer right along side me, for making 5 year, 10 year plans with me. You inspire me in ways that I never though possible. Your inspiration, makes me strive to be more for you, for my kids and for others. Thank you for being spontaneous, for being intentional, for dating me and for always being up for my marriage vacation ideas yearly!! You amaze me and I love you more and more, more than I did yesterday and the day before that!!


I love you more, most, mostest and mostestest..infinity and beyond!! I WIN!!






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