truth. i. am. tired. of. my. sour. mood. non stop. i have been down. i am so over it. so here is my happy post. i have anniversary pictures coming up sooner than later. i am sure i have had one melt down trying to find the right dress to fit the vision i have in my head. well. i. found. the. one. i am beyond excited. and yes, it is black.

i went to my first track meet ever, today. it was pretty awesome cheering for the kid folks.  it was cold, and i am sure i looked like i was a crazy mom standing in the stands, screaming at the top of my lungs for them to finish strong. i was just so excited for them!

my toes are not painted and it is driving me nuts. that is all.

so with that. I’ve been hanging out with the horses a lot, and this came about. enjoy.




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