This time last year things were completely different. I had no such thing as wedding season and I had no grand experience. I had failed miserably at second shooting a wedding and it was made clear to me that weddings and capturing someones else’s forever moments was not something to be taken lightly; not that I thought it was. I remember about a few details about my own wedding and that includes the colors, the penny on my foot and looking into the eyes of the man that stood before me promising me to put me before himself, to love me unconditionally and forever be mine. The pictures, were lost, the moments gone forever. When I am meeting with a couple, I want to grant them everything I did not have at my own wedding, I want to assure them that I want to be the one to capture all of the beautiful sweet moments that happen throughout the day.

So with wedding season in full swing for me and this small, but amazing business that is slowly growing; there are a few moments throughout the day that just bring me to joyful baby tears. I always let my couples know that I will more than likely happy cry on their wedding because they are not just my clients, but people I come to care for. Their people, become my people! So enjoy as I take you through the moments from this last wedding, the moments that get me every time!!

1. The cake, I have said it before! Every cake is different and uniquely delicious. The toppers for this cake belonged to the bride, they are from her 3rd birthday! Then the rings, the brides ring belonged to her grandmother and the grooms ring is so unique and pretty awesome!2015-06-10_0001

2. The moment with the groom and his mom. I never realized how much this moment really meant until I had a son of my own. It has easily become one of my favorites!


3.  When everyone else leaves and the bride gets to have just a moment with her mom. The lady that has been there through every moment, the one who has laughed by her side, has held her when she has cried and will continue to support her in every journey. She loves her unconditionally and she will forever look up to the lady she calls, “Mom!” This moment, literally had me in tears. So sweet!


4. The first look between Father and Daughter, yes, the crying of sweet tears..every time!


5. After all the group shots and family shots, I get to lead my couples away from everything and they get to have these moments of just them. On a wedding day, everybody wants to share in on the fun of such an amazing new journey, so before the party really gets started… I like to give the Bride and Groom just a moment of bliss between them.


6. The Bride, before she goes off to see everyone that has come to support her and ,meet up with her groom, I whisk her away and we get to have a bit of fun!


7. The first dance with Dad. It is even more fun, when dad knows how to dance with such ease and elegance!


8. Last, but certainly not least! The Bride and Groom dancing! They don’t mind that all eyes are on them and they are so caught up in the laughter, the small whispers between themselves and the way they look at one another during these moments. It is priceless and my favorite!

2015-06-10_0007More of Ryan + Sydney’s wedding will be gracing the blog come Friday!

XOXO, Marissa

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nancy toepfer
June 11, 2015
beautiful pictures!!