So on the blog today is a bit of happy, I was going to finish my series on the foster kid, but being in the Christmas spirit and all, I’ll save it for another day. In other news if you haven’t hear, I am having a Free Photography Wedding Giveaway, check it out here.

Moving on.

Heard of the Datebox?

Yeah, me neither until about a week ago, a sweet friend of mine messaged me and told me to give it a try. So being someone who celebrates marriage and pretty much loves all things encouraging love and dating your spouse, daily!

Well, I wanted to check it out and like a little kid, waited patiently, anxiously for what would be in my date night box. So when it came in, it took me all about 3 minutes to open the box to see what was inside!! The cutest mugs and the fun of building a gingerbread house. Which I found funny because just the other day, I was telling Clinton I wanted to get a gingerbread house kit! He looked at me and pretty much reminded me of how last years gingerbread housing kinda went down, pretty much consisted of me getting frustrated because nothing would stay together and I may have wanted to get super glue to make it work, so Clinton being so patient, built it with no problem with the kids and I just took pictures and encouraged eating of the candy before it went on the house!

So this year, is a year to redeem my bad habit of being impatient, right?!?  We will see!

Thats not all though, a chance to win a maui trip for 5 days with your lovely!! Yes, please!

We will be getting this underway in the next couple of days, and I am stoked!!

Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0023Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0024IsMarissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0025

Are these not the cutest cups!!?? 🙂

Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0026Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0027Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0028Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0029Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0030


I’ll let you know how our Date Night goes, with our Datebox!! 🙂


In the meantime, give it a try.. check it out here!





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