looking across the football field, he held on to every word she spoke, he knew this was not easy for her, but he also knew it was something she needed to do. As the last words came off her tongue, telling him all the brokenness that had taken place before him… she stood there, trembling. As tears streamed down his face, he took her into his arms and kissed the top of her head. He would protect her, he would show her the meaning of unconditional love, he would pursue her…


it was the hardest thing. she was only 15, she wasn’t sure what it meant to be in love, she wasn’t sure if this was a real thing. as she stood there waiting for him to walk off, to make up his mind that this was too much mess to be involved with, it came as a bit of shock when he wrapped his arms around her and simply held her. in the beginning of their courtship, he came over to talk to her papaw, it wasn’t official unless he did so. After, they sat on the porch swing, outside her house. she remembered telling him “i have secrets, i have hard issues, i have some darkness in my past that is not easy for me, but it kinda has molded me into this, this person i am now. a bit of broken, a bit of anger, bitterness, and a lack of trust towards others. in time i will tell you, but when i am ready.” his reply “okay, i’ll wait” they sat there in silence…


for her, it was what she needed. not everything needed to be said in words, not everything needed to be said in actions… silence was key. simply being was needed. there didn’t have to be an answer for everything right away. she really came to admire that about him, he didn’t worry, he didn’t stress…she did, but watching him, learning from him…it wasn’t in her control and that was okay. the way he prayed, the way he talked about God, his pursuit of ministry. it was not anything she had experienced before. he wasn’t perfect, but because of his imperfections, she could just be…

six years

she works, he tends to the house. she comes home, he has the house clean, laundry done, and food on the stove. he takes naps, he writes music, he prays, digs into the word. she works at a children’s home, the place it all began, she owns her own wedding photography business, he pushes her towards her dreams, she travels… her passion, she creates art, her joy.  their lives have changed drastically from the time they were 15 years old standing on that football field. God made it more beautiful than she could have ever imagined. this man, she walks into the door, he grabs her, holds her, kisses her. it is refreshing, it is more, it is endless serving of one another. it is beautifully imperfect, but knowing she has one king babe and  two queen babes that see this crazy, unconditional love for one another…that is everything.

Clinton & Marissa, y’all… our anniversary photos 🙂



My favorite 🙂

marissa30marissa31Photos by the beautiful Tanya with Tenth & Grace! Thank you, girl!!

Make-Up by fierce babe, Andrea Cantu

Your forever bride,


Clinton + Marissa,

What is your favorite feature about one another?

Clinton: Her hair, it’s what her sister would call “a hot mess” more like a lions mane, but her beautiful locks are what separate her from the crowd. I love that she is short, she makes the perfect snuggle buddy! And of course, like most men, I can’t help, but love that butt!

Marissa: His eyes, his cute butt, and his laugh, especially when he is trying to keep it in.

What have you learned most from one another?

Clinton: She has taught me to be strong in who I am. To be spontaneous, life gets hard when you find yourself stuck in a routine all the time. Sometimes it is just more fun to color outside the lines!

Marissa: He has taught me how to love, to serve, and apologize. Pride, it is a thing that can take away so much joy. You should race to apologize; it is a true act of selflessness! <– Great advice from a former BSM director, pastor, and present friend.

If you could give marriage advice to another couple, what would it be?

Clinton: Love God and Love others! More specifically keep God at the center of your marriage through prayer and reading the Bible. Secondly make sure you know how to tell each other you love one another. Words don’t always cut it. (This one I too still struggle with) Sometimes it takes an act of kindness or a small gift to express that love. Communication is key! I don’t just mean talking about the details of your day or week, I mean talking about the things that hurt and the things that bother you, the things that you may want from one another and the things that make you happy. Talk, talk, talk!! Last, but not least, be Kind and be Patient!

Marissa: Love yourself fully, so that you can love your forever babe fully, deeply, and unconditionally. Communicate all things BIG and small. Don’t look at others relationship and long for that, it takes a lot of work for some and others it doesn’t, but needless it takes work. Comparison is a joy robber, own your story and know that it is beautiful, no matter the hills, plains, and mountains! Trust, it’s a BIG thing…so be honest!

What makes your other half laugh?

Clinton: Honestly I think she laughs at herself more than anything. She laughs at me when she is trying to tickle me because I hate it.

Marissa: My recklessness of words, what are words…sometimes…I tend to make up my own vocabulary or have a potty mouth, especially when I hurt myself.

One word to describe your marriage?

Clinton: Bold

Marissa: Fierce!

How many years of marriage?  

Clinton: 6

Marissa: SIX!!


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Diane Gryseels
May 6, 2016
These are two of the most awesome, God filled and gifted people I have ever known. I've watched them grow up and they are real! Love them and love these beautiful photographs!