the first time she said “yes”

Catfish Charlie’s, he was a busboy, she caught his attention, from the moment she smiled, he knew that he needed to get a bit closer to the girl behind the bar working as a hostess. He purposely made his way out of the dish area in the back to supply her clean dishes for behind the bar. She noticed him, but did not know he was crushing on her, she liked his shoes and gave him a compliment. That day he went into the back and one of his buddies told him, “just get her number” others constantly told him that he wasn’t her type.

She was at school and one of her friends came up and said “hey you know that guy…, he wants your number” Her reply, “he will have to ask for it himself!” He got up the nerve and asked her for her number. The first phone call lasted 3 hours, he asked her on a date, She said, “yes!”

September 23, 2000. it was their first date. He picked her up, he had roses and gifts sitting on her seat, with a note written “I hope this works out.”

The day consisted of hanging out at the duck pond, pizza her favorite, made with all her favorites, she was impressed with all the details of their first date. They went to the movies, it was a day that neither of them wanted to end, it was a day filled with a growing friendship, a love story that was in the beginning of a forever commitment, she knew he was the one and it would begin to be more real and apparent to him a couple of months later.

2 months later, the words “I love you!” accidentally came out, but it was a truth.

the engagement

A popular park in their hometown, cole park, he carved their initials into the wooden deck with a heart around it, with a $20 dollar cubic zirconia, sterling silver ring that they picked out together, he proposed there on the deck on one knee with tears in hers eyes, she said “yes!”


In April 2002, they officially were married. He was in the Marine Corps and she was still officially in high school, he had specific dates that he was allowed off, he got dressed in the car, they went and got their license and in a time span of an hour went to the justice of the peace and made it official, she became his forever bride, taking his last name, vowing to protect, love, put her desires before his needs, and cherish her all of his days. She vowed to be his forever partner, through sickness and health, through hardships, through joys, through different seasons of their marriage…it was a selfless act of committing to serve each other to the best of their abilities.

Jose & Shammah, y’all…

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Corpus Christi, Tx


Jose + Shammah

What is your favorite feature about one another?

Jose: Her eyes! I love her green eyes with little brown speckles inside of them.

Shammah: I love Jose’s smile the most.

What have you learned most from one another?

Jose: How unstoppable we can be as a team. We make a strong and solid team-communication is key!

Shammah: I have learned that when we work as a team, we can accomplish anything!

If you could give marriage advice to another couple, what would it be?

Jose: Try and keep God centered in y’all’s marriage everything else WILL fall into PLCE. Never quit, never give up, keep an open communication, and work as a team with your best friend!

Shammah: Learn to compromise and communicate early in your marriage and it will make all the difference in the years to come. Marriage is one of the most beautiful things that God has given us here on earth and if you keep God in the center, then you can make it through anything.

What makes your other half laugh?

Jose: When I act like myself-aka- being such a dork and how I act like it’s just always me and her even when we’re in public and I still act goofy

Shammah: Anytime I act goofy which usually involves dancing!

One word to describe your marriage?

Jose: Indestructible

Shammah: Solid

How many years of marriage?

Jose: 14 this April…. Bam! What!

Shammah: 13


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I am blessed by your friendship, by your love of strength and wisdom. It has been a true joy to do life with y’all and I could not ask for better best friends in our lives! Thank you for being intentional, being present, and honest..always!

xo, Marissa

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