“Now then, stand still and see this great thing the LORD is about to do before your eyes!”

Samuel 12:16



They both were so excited and relaxed. there is a feeling of renewal when you see two people who are so passionate and loving of one another. i experienced so many emotions on their day. my favorite (besides the whole day) if i had to choose was they made it so intentional. they had a time of worship before their exchange of vows. i watched as so many people who just love them and have watched them on this journey before they even knew who the other was prayed and laughed over them fill chairs to celebrate along side them. i watched as beautiful ladies and gentlemen surrounded them for this day that had been prayed  for, they had started praying for their spouse long before they stood in front of each other, i watched as parents trusted that their precious gems would be loved and taken care of by the other. i watched as people came together in celebration of a heavenly father who brought some of the most beautiful people together. i watched many with tears including my own rejoice for their commitment to each other and more than anything their love for God to shine so bright.



Shaun & Gracie, y’all…


i have so many words to describe these two people that i have come to adore with all my heart. gracie, may your light always shine bright and your contagious laughter fill many rooms with your joy. shaun, you are rad. may God continue to use you, guide you, and continuously be your constant in all things to glorify his name.

xoxo, marissa

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November 1, 2016
Omg! You are wonderful! You captured so much beauty in the story of these two! Thank you!