SEVEN YEARS. marriage. it is hard. it is rewarding. it is adventure.


no other man i would rather do life with.


We decided on writing vows this year for one another. I think it is important to take the time to remember everything you absolutely adore about one another and commit, then re-commit. it doesn’t have to be some crazy ceremony, it doesn’t have to be between you and everyone else. it just has to be real. we didn’t have pictures in mind when we decided to write vows to one another, but then my dear darling friend Kerlyn Van Gelder <<< check out her website… asked if we would do a seshh with her. If anyone knows me; i dread being in front of the camera and well Clinton loves it. so weird, i know. So he pretty much had his outfit picked out in his head and was online finding it by the time i was done having the conversation with Kerlyn. I told her we had vows that we had written for our anniversary and asked “if it would be okay to read them to one another at our sesshh?”  she was like “yes, lets do it!”


So here we are. so thankful for his constant pursuit of my heart.


thank you for loving me so easily. so honestly. so beautifully. so willingly. so graciously. i love you, hunny. 🙂





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