This will be quite humbling, learning to second shoot was probably the most intimidating process I have ever had to do within the photography industry. I really had no idea what to do and previous to my first time second shooting, I had shot one backyard wedding that I charged $60 for and honestly, the thought of being given so much responsibility and knowing you are representing another photographer, it can be quite scary and very stressful. The first time second shooting was not all that great, I failed miserably and what I thought I knew about my camera and shooting was just a joke!

It wasn’t until June of 2014, that I really got the opportunity to work with a team that was uplifting, encouraging and pretty much out there to show me, what they knew. I couldn’t be more thankful for them and to be a part of their team to this day, Shout out to Lone Oak Studios, of Corpus Christi.

I am not a master of second shooting, I constantly have to tell myself it is not your wedding, it’s okay not to be in control and sit back and just take it all in, in how the other photographer(s) work.  I have learned that many photographers, have a different style! The way they go about conducting their wedding day flow and learning this is quite humbling, you get to have an insight to how others work, their point of view of why they do what they do, how they get to interact with their couples and help make it the day every bit of how they envisioned it. Knowing that they trust you, to assist in their job and then doubting your work, but then turn around and get an email that says, “you did awesome, I will for sure be using you again!” Yes, at the end of the day, second shooting is quite the experience of awesome!!

I recently got to work with someone, who I had never met prior to the day of the wedding, Chris Curry, a wedding photographer who pretty much has a whole different eye for what he has a passion for, weddings! The day was cold, it was very windy, and the Hurricane threatened many parts of the city, leaving some places flooded and well it changed a lot of the plans for the wedding day. Needless to say, the bride and groom were amazing troopers of all things not going as planned, to them it didn’t matter, they were set out to get married, to profess their love in front of witnesses that braved the weather to witness two, become one! It was truly inspiring to see their excitement, their commitment and phenomenal composure despite the weather conditions.


Sean & Kate, y’all…








Aransas Pass, TX


XOXO, Marissa

Venue: Mansion by the Sea

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