They are the kind of people that keep you smiling because to merely watch them together, is truly sweet and kind. It was a cold morning, but you would have never known it. These two were amazing to go stomping around downtown with me in my hometown. It didn’t take long to see that after 17 years of them being married, that they had as every bit of laughter, silliness and joy as the first day. I adore how God brought them together, friends!! Some friends set them up on a blind date and well the rest you could say was a forever love story in the making! When you talk to Kathy, she will be the first to say “that they are opposites, but they balance each other out beautifully!” I could not agree more, they were absolutely lovely and so much fun!!

In the words of Kathy, “He is my security and strength!” Guys, relationship goals!

Russell & Kathy, y’all…

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Goliad, TX


Y’all are such a joy and light, thank you for being authentic!!

xoxo, Marissa


Russell + Kathy

What is your favorite feature about one another?

Kathy: “His strong arms and great hugs.”
Russell: “Her laughter.”

What have you learned most from one another?

Kathy: To be more grounded/realistic

Russell: To be more giving

If you could give marriage advice to another couple, what would it be?

Kathy: “always remember to “date” each other and remember what it is you fell in love with.”
Russell: “always be patient.”

What makes Russell laugh?

Kathy: “when I have my “blonde” moments!”

What makes Kathy laugh?

Russell: “comedies”

One word to describe your marriage?

Kathy: “fun”

Russell: “satisfying”

How many years have y’all been married?

17 Years!!!

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