i still haven’t figured out how to sit across from you and not be madly in love with you.

william c. hannan



i think one of the many reasons i admire this man is he constantly pursues me to be more. he makes it a point to stop me in my tracks so many times and reevaluate my attitude, my heart, and my intention. he continuously shows me grace upon grace. he calls me out when my flesh literally wants to punch someone in the face. he keeps me grounded in the word and reminds me of my purpose in every situation; i can clearly lose sight of that many times. he encourages me with scripture. he doesn’t hold it against me when i have raging fits of word vomit. he lets me cry when needed and just loves me so honestly. he chooses me. he chooses chaos. he chooses spontaneous. he chooses fearlessly. only he can describe me as gentle because he knows my heart, he knows i love differently, he knows my silly, my giggle, he knows that i don’t care about petty, but deep down, something might still be bothering me, he knows that i am loyal. i choose him because he loves me in all the different ways i need. i will never pursue him with dependent neediness… i used to think that is something people needed; i’m thankful he knows i need my independence, i need to dream, i need to push, i need to serve, but more than anything i need him to be everything i don’t think i need. he knows my heart for community, for Christ, for loving without judgment.  for all the many reasons we love, we love with words, with action, with servitude, with respect, with everything we are. i love everything about the man, the father, the husband, the boo, the bearded stud, the leader of our household, the partner, the friend, the tickler, the kisser, the lover, the wise one, the seeker, the quiet…i love.

xo, marissa

photos by the lovely, Lauren Nicole Photo

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