I always love this kind of post, I feel like I could write a forever post about little things here and there because I am always learning new things about myself! I mean if you know me at all, you know that I obviously admire my husband Clinton and really enjoy being a mommy to 3 of the most wonderful kids I could have ever been blessed with. I am sure though that there are a few things that you may not know and I am about to share, so enjoy!

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1. My name is Marissa (roll the r..it is Spanish), but I do not know Spanish except the necessary to get me food, to a restroom and a place to sleep. The essentials, right?  I am called Mari, M, and Tia Rissa! When I was 11 years old, I changed my name..I wanted my name to be Kelly, but my mother was not having it because she wanted us to have Spanish names, so out of frustration I opened a baby name book and the first name I pointed to stuck! Hence, the name Marissa was chosen! I completely spell it differently than my birth certificate does and I am okay with that!

2. I love food, (except Mexican food..gasp..I know) but am extremely picky about textures in food so therefore there are lots of foods I can look at and simply not eat because of the texture..some of the foods consist of yogurt, coconut, bananas, chocolate, and pudding! I do not like my food to touch, so at times I will have two different plates just so food does not touch. Then there is things mixed into other food, such at carrots in cake, apples in tuna..yeah not so much! I promise, I love food though!!

3. My name is Marissa and I have an unhealthy relationship with make-up and clothes..I LOVE it..A LOT, but hate shopping for myself! I love shopping for other people and dig a pop of color in everything!! Seriously, I will stop and help someone in a store find something that totally will rock for their body type and skin tone, yes I am easily that person! I am a bit girly and like all things pearls, chic and classy. Simple, edgy and chic would describe my go to style. Late last night, I went to a gas station and the guy complimented my dress as simple, but elegant..I could not help, but grin ear to ear thanking him! I looked like a hot mess!

4. I easily am the worst person to go anywhere with that involves ordering food, I am so awkward, a bit honest and pretty much if you can picture a child ordering food..you have it! I ask questions and am particular on what I am eating. For example, go to restaurant, I would like a burger, but I only want onions if they are grilled and round cut, if they are chopped then hold the onions and I only want pickles if they are a certain brand, if not then hold the pickles..you see how it can get a bit awkward and weird! I say it with a cute smile and face though and I apologize a thousand times for being so..complicated. If you work in the food industry..I really am sorry for being that person! If there is a buffet..forget it!

5. I love flowers, but can not keep any kind of plant alive for nothing, I was given flowers in a pot as a house warming gift when we bought our house and it may or may not have survived a week. I watered it and gave it some sun..it was no bueno! I really wish I had this ability of keeping a plant alive, thankfully it does not reflect on my parenting skills! This weekend, my wedding had succulent plants as their center pieces and everyone was encouraged to take one home…I was totally giddy for taking one home, day 2 and it is still alive!! Small victory!!

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6. I do not cuss, not because I am judgmental on those who do, but when I was in 7th grade I tried cussing and one of my good friends then, Jewels, told me “I don’t need to cuss because I am not good at it.” Apparently, I articulate every word and well since then I am more aware of it. Plus, I tend to put the meaning into what the word means.. so if someone is talking to me and they keep saying the “S” word every other word. I am sitting on my end hearing “I don’t give a poop about how it makes him feel like poop, he needs to get his poop together!” Guys, I have tried so hard not to think in that sense, but man it can get pretty funny sometimes! So excuse me if I break out in laughter if ever one is talking like this. I am not judging, I promise.. I just am thinking!

7. I have a bit of an obsession with shoes, but Toms in particular are easily my weakness. I own 11 pair and still feel I need more! When one does not know what to get me, a simple size 6.5 pair of toms is always a safe choice! You will easily become my favorite person!

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8. I am a bit of a daredevil, I like challenges and I thrive on spontaneity.  I am always willing to try something at least once (except when it comes to food or eating crawly creatures).

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9. I do not know one nursery rhyme or lullaby, when I would rock my kids to bed and sing them little lullabies, I would start off with what starts off as a known nursery rhyme or song and totally put my own words to it. My husband jokingly teases me on this because he listens in for it and I am sure thinks it is cute. I used to feel horrible for not knowing any of these, but the cute little smile my husband would give me and the fact that my kid still fell asleep, all was well and I am totally okay with free-styling for my kiddos and if it means getting that oh so sexy smirk from my boo then even better!

10. I admire intelligence, whether it is street smarts or it is book smart…I am an admirer!


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