It is Monday, the first official day of summer for our party of five, Simon household…everyone is out of school! Potty training twins is under way and I may age a couple of years between now and this weekend.  It has been a time of reflecting knowing this blog post was coming up, I wanted to put all the right things, to show my true passion and desire for an area in my life that I love so so much. Then last night, after spending a day at the beach with family and friends, I came home to three different bookings, it was a moment that brought me to tears. It has not been an easy road and to say within the last year has been easy would be a lie. I have spent many days crying on the floor in my room, I have spent days putting my camera equipment up for sale then deleting a post, I have spent moments thinking that there is no way I am ever shooting another wedding again because I have had some somewhat not so good experiences, and I have spent days crying because I have seen my couples hurt after a wedding day and because I have established a relationship with them, I too hurt for them. With all the many days I have wanted to quit, there are days that I have clients that truly make my heart just rejoice with how kind, encouraging and beautiful they truly are.

I have invested so much time and money to try and better myself so that I can be all that I can be for my couples, so that they can have the best part of who I am on their wedding day and during their session. I jumped into it thinking I had a clear view of what it meant to be a photographer and to be completely honest April of 2015 that became a lot more clear, I had the most amazing mentor Abby Grace,  who really just made me have “OMG” moments, she opened my eyes to the business side of it as well. How to properly pursue and invest in the right kind of clients. Lets face it, not everyone is going to be a good fit and that is okay, because that is what makes people unique and I am all about that unique in a person!! I learned how to go about giving the best of who I am in every situation and it has worked out wonderfully. I have come to the realization of what kind of sessions I really love love and the ones that I love referring out because I know that they will get the best of someone else who loves in different areas than I. I now have an up and going website which you can check out at It is fairly new!!

I would not be where I am right now without the help of some awesome people who believed in my work, my vision and invested time and teaching in my passion!! With the nudge of my husband, I promise I married up with him.. I went out bought my first big girl camera, I scrolled through lens equipment that was being sold on Facebook groups and found a prime lens to start off with from a photographer in my own city, Dustin Baker! About 2 weeks later, I helped second shoot with a high end photographer from Florida and man was I nervous. I did not eat the whole day and I for sure pretty much was given a task I never thought I would be given in my first time shooting. Boy, I screwed it up bad. The whole saying “you live and you learn” for sure was lived out to the last word. I was heart broken with the feedback given by this amazing photographer, before I even started shooting weddings, I was wanting out! It was no bueno!! I cried, took on the constructive criticism and worked on my art, my skills and anything I could learn about the photography business, my camera and what being a photographer meant. I have been rewarded more than anyone will ever know, when my clients call me with tearful thank you’s, or simply a thank you gift, I know that I have gone above and beyond to give them the best that I can. It really is appreciated when my clients show that appreciation, it gives me a little click of my heels happiness! When I started out, there was no confidence when people would ask what I did, my reply consisted of a shy “I kinda do photography.” Now, “I am a Wedding Photographer” it took a long time to transition from a meek photographer to a confident photographer.

About a month after that not so good experience with that wedding and photographer, Dustin sent me a message asking if “I could help with a wedding?” A bit nervous I said “yes!” Again, this dude was legit and again I was a bit intimidated, I really did not like my first experience so this was my make it or break it moment. This was the deciding factor if I would pursue my graduated hobby. It was amazing, my artistic brain, the couple, the photographers it was so in tune with everything going on and I was sold. Dustin, was very helpful, patient and really helped me get an idea of what a wedding day consisted of. I went home, told Clinton about my day and from then on out I have continued to book weddings, help Dustin with some beautiful weddings that consist of amazing, beautiful brides and wedding parties and it truly has been a blessing to see how far 1 year has come and gone with all kinds of emotions incorporated into a year.

I thank all of my brides, grooms, couples and models who have helped me grow, who have helped me carry out some of my crazy ideas and who have trusted me to do my best to give them the best of who I am on their day, it lights up my world!! I promise to continue to always give you the best and continuously pursue more and more to make it the best that it can be. I honestly love my couples, my future couples and I am always looking for the next moment that your people, become my people!! It has been a great year and I so look forward to more to come..cheers to ONE year!!


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