I’ll make it short and sweet because life has been crazy busy with blessing and good work. This past weekend, I learned three majors things.

1. When working a wedding and getting ready for the sparkler exit and you happen to see a little boy projectile vomit, run and run fast in the opposite direction. Do not try and be a good person thinking you can overcome the queasiness in your stomach, it will NOT go over well!

2. When you ask your love to bring you a shirt for church the next day because you will not be going home and he brings you 3 to choose from and they all represent a different mood that you possibly could be in, he is hands down the best soulmate and the reason you know you married up for a reason…relationships goals, on the real!!

3. Ending a weekend shooting the most gorgeous bridal session and spending time with the most awesome life group as well as  being amongst some of the most amazing believers, encouragers and supporters is good for the soul and hearty for the heart. It makes your Monday a bit more easy.


Here is a little sparkler love from the most beautiful couples wedding this last Saturday…

Mario & Elaine, I lovesss y’all!!



Side note..I totally have the most beautiful couples, always!!


Next week on the blog…

I have a styled shoot this week and I am totally stoked and a bit nervous, yes a little nervous, but more excited than anything!! I have the most gorgeous couple who are funny and sweet… it will be on the blog next week!! Keep an eye out on my instagram (marissasimonphoto) there will be a sneak peek!!


XOXO, Marissa

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