it was beautiful. it consisted of Easter egg hunts, piñatas, sitting in the cold watching a baseball game, and a movie. it was also my first week on call and i just about made it the whole week without being called…whoop!! the weather was everything, the sun was out, but it was cool. it was perfect.

on a whim

since i hadn’t been called out Friday or Saturday, i decided to keep the girls home with me on Sunday, i had not spent as much time as i would have liked too with them last week, so i was missing them a bit. we slept in and called it a pajama day, all day. i was able to clean around the house and while folding what little laundry we had, it became too quiet… in moments of quiet…let it be known that several things can happen during that time…

  1. in quiet and on their own, my girls happen to come upon my mini suitcase of nail polish. it didn’t occur to me that it was too quiet, until it was too late… i went in and they had helped themselves to polishing their toes, although they clearly tried to just get the toe nail. i usually would have had a hissy, but it was the cutest thing. they were polishing each others and well, it was sweet. i very quietly went in and asked “what are y’all doing?” they replied.. “look mommy, it’s so pretty” indeed doll it is.
  2. in quiet when they are supposed to be taking naps, one minute they are talking up a storm the next is dead quiet, yeah with those girls, it is always something. i went into their room only to discover that Skye was in the drawer and Kayzin was closing the drawer. Skye was not a fan. Yes, plenty of laughter. Needless to say, they took a 3 hour nap after.

that evening sky

i got to have an amazing couple in front of Piper <—camera’s name! Yes, I name all items that can have a name in order to keep myself from having more children or pets. My cars name is Eleanor Pearl. This couple I have come to know through the children’s home, they serve with all they are and to be quite honest, they are easily becoming some of my favorites. Their story is one of inspiration and beauty. They will welcome a baby girl soon, more of who they are will be on the blog later this week!

Keep a look out, until then enjoy a little sneak peek of the momma babe.


Happy Monday, folks.

xo, marissa

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