Some may know it and others may not, but being a wife, a mother to three, a graduate student, and a small business owner…it can get pretty crazy, pretty quick. At times I find myself simply trying to find the time to just ponder on life and be awesome at all my titles as well. I have been wanting to share something that has been laid on my heart to share and how to tell you it in a way that others could see how important and how dear it is to me. So if you do not know me bare with me as I try to share my heart and for those who do know me, well try to catch all of who I am within these words.

This man, has always encouraged, supported and led me back to the cross when I have felt defeated. He has a heart for missions just as I do and our relationship started on a mission trip and still is constant in serving others in any circumstance! For him I am thankful!


So long ago, about 10 years ago, I met this amazing young man…I was sure he was the honey to my butter and I wish I could tell you that I knew we would embark on crazy journeys and experience all of God in all his wonder. Sadly, when it comes in trusting in his plan, I am almost always planning a backup plan, or a what if plan. It is truly by his grace that I have come to experience how amazing a life of hope, love, laughter, tears of joy, and times of defeat can further his kingdom. Some of these moments that I have experienced that true grace upon grace, is not in the comfort of my own home, or the comfort of my everyday schedule of living.IMG_3039

It is when I am out in a village helping build a family a home consisting of one small room, it is rocking a baby left at an orphanage due to medical needs that the parents can not afford, it is helping build a church because people yearn to hear more of who Christ is and his love for them. It is going to an all boys orphanage who now reside in a place that was once a prison, witnessing them accept Christ into their heart and what once held a face of anger and confusion, now has the most beautiful creases from laughter. The stories of how I went on these journeys and experienced God in the truest form are never ending. I do not do it for the stories, I do it for the one who died for me, shed his blood for me and arose to call me his own. I am his child and this life was not given to live in the comforts.

In Guatemala, the first mission trip that stole my heart and left me yearning to do missions full time…one day!!


This is my passion, my calling, my hearts desire and my yearn to serve not for my own satisfaction, but I know that God has called me to go far and beyond my comfort within a comfortable living.

In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said “it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

So whenever an opportunity arises that calls for a heart of serving whether it be helping within our church walls in the morning, or it is to travel far from home. Clinton & my heart just know that our hearts are there.

My wonderful man, I couldn’t be blessed more. We started this journey together serving, we actually asked me out on a little memory verse card while attending a mission trip meeting, from then on forth we officially were dating.2015-05-11_0001

So when it was posted on our church Facebook page that an opportunity had opened for those who felt led to attend on a mission trip in Jordan, Clinton was at work and I at home, but being of the same heart and being one..the other already knew. He got home and the first thing out of my mouth was “babe,” he said, “I saw it.” So we left it that, not because we didn’t want it, I think honestly it was God who was stirring emotions that we have felt so many times before and it was God working in us not only as a couple, but as individuals. It was during that time that we really started to examine our hearts, but I often caught myself going to that post, my heart was heavy knowing its desire to go serve, to be used as a tool, to show Gods love to people who hurt.


So a couple of  Sundays ago, I just bounced the idea of what if I can go, so I asked my in-laws just to see if they had the dates for  July 6, 2015-July 17, 2015 available to watch my little handsome and beauty queens; and if so would they be up for watching my three for that long. Their reply “sure!” There was only one more thing, going without Clinton. Like I said before, this is his hearts desire as well, so knowing that he would not be able to get that time off from work and going without him, it is huge. That is a while to be without your wife and kids. Without hesitation though, being the selfless man he is, he encouraged me and told me to commit. The thing is, although it may not be serving side by side, we both are serving. While I am serving, he is serving. It may be different, but his serving is one that God has called him to as well and that is to lead our house, to pray, to nurture and care for everything that God has blessed us with. So Clinton will be keeping the Simon Casa going with water, electricity, gas and food in our fridge, and loving our babies from afar. This man, opens my eyes to what is a true act of being humble. I adore him.

Hearing the word of the Lord.

So if you haven’t figured it out, I will be embarking on a mission trip to Jordan with a team from Fellowship of Oso Creek. Come July 6-17!

We will be partnering with the Global Hope Network, Campus Crusade’s humanitarian arm, in Jordan. We will work with Syrian and Iraqi refugees who have fled to Jordan to escape the violence and killing that has come as a result of ISIS.  We will have an opportunity to provide humanitarian relief and demonstrate the compassionate and love of Jesus to refugees who have suffered devastating losses.

Some people have asked, am I scared? Isn’t that dangerous? Some have wondered if I am making the right choice because I have three children and a husband. I am appreciative of the concerns, but my outlook on the concerns are as such; it is just as dangerous as getting in your car and driving. We are not promised anything in this life and my desire is to live out of my comfort, to encourage and serve wherever I am called and needed. So no, God truly has put an umbrella of peace and excitement over me that is not really something that words can even describe. I trust in his will.

As one can imagine, a mission trip like this requires financial support from a number of people. $2,600 is what I am needing to raise by June 15th. Asking for money is never an easy process, asking for prayer on the other hand is…so while the funds are needed, so is prayer, I am a firm believer in the power of prayer and my team and I will for sure appreciate all the prayer received. Prayer, will get us through the tough days, will help in our success as we go and serve where God has led us. Also, I will be making prayer warrior bracelets, I will need people to commit and wear these bracelets as a constant reminder while we are away to not only pray for us as individuals, but as a team as well!! I am so appreciative of those who have already committed to praying or financially giving or both!!

If you would like to be part of this mission through your financial support, send a check to Fellowship of Oso Creek, 7402 Yorktown Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX 78414

Please make your check payable to Fellowship of Oso Creek and write “Jordan – Marissa ” on the memo line. All contributions are tax deductible.




Go therefore and make disciples of all nations… Matthew 28:19


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