Song: Candles, Daughter.

That moment everything seems to be falling apart, but together. It has been a crazy adventure, full of heartache, learning, and enjoying the “in the moment” times. One that has made my biggest fear of doing my photography business full-time, a reality. Here it is. I am scared. That failure of what if it doesn’t work out…lingers. Here is the other kicker… everybody, but me is pushing me to just go for it. I know it is hard to have faith in myself, you know that whole, you are your biggest critic…so me. Here is what I do know. I work my ass off; I serve with all that I am; and my couples are my world.

Michael and Hannah, y’all.

I laughed so hard capturing every part of their personality, their kinda love, and we had a blast!! I can’t wait till’ y’all’s wedding day!! Y’all are legit!!


Yes, I know I say “y’all” way too much. This is me not caring! 🙂

Michael & Hannah, I adore you so..



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