I can remember the first time I ever met these two, it was somewhere along the lines that their son had an altercation with another little boy and one or the other would most likely be sporting a black eye the next day. Fast forward a couple of years and imagine a family of 5 being adopted into the heart of some of the most beautiful and loving people I know, which means a ton! You see the beauty that you are about to take in (Also known as Alexis) she has a thing about caring deeply and being so real that it is almost impossible to avoid opening up and word vomiting everything you wanted to keep in, it goes a little like this! You walk into their house, pretty much fed or asked a couple of times if you want anything to eat, wine may or may not be taken out and boom you sit, she looks at you and like a kid busted, you just word vomit! I want her super powers, for real!!

More than anything when you meet these two, you notice the way that they are as a couple, within their marriage…It doesn’t take a genius to know that when people love the way these two do, it is not forced, it is real. I admire and continuously am inspired by the honesty, the respect and self-less acts that are between the two. Mark, his woman, is his world and he can make her laugh, like no other and maybe that is one of the first things I ever noticed about them, he makes her laugh without even trying, when he looks at her he sees his woman, he gets to hold her, he gets to kiss her, he gets to make her laugh, he gets to grab her booty and hey, hey, hey just one of the many perks to being married to one of the most beautiful creations on this earth!!

Guys these two…The Isbell’s…




Corpus Christi, Tx


Mark + Alexis

What is your favorite feature about one another?

Alexis: his strong broad shoulders
Mark: the shape of her hips and butt

What have you learned most from one another?

Alexis: relax, you don’t have to make everyone happy.

Mark: I have learned to be slow to respond and be gentle as possible with my responses.

If you could give marriage advice to another couple, what would it be?

Alexis: Sometimes you just have to let things go…forgive AND always have each other’s back.
Mark: Realize that your spouse has your best interest in mind and is on your team. They want to see you succeed.

What makes Mark laugh?

Alexis: Crazy slapstick humor (i.e – Billy Madison, dumb and dumber) and me when I’m not trying to be funny.

What makes Alexis laugh?

Mark: Silly jokes make Alexis laugh

One word to describe your marriage?

Alexis: (2 words please) Passion and Safety.

Mark: Vivacious

How many years have y’all been married?

12 years!!!

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