all i am trying to say is that you are the best of me…

-Tyler Knott Gregson

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xo, marissa


Kenneth + Brooke

What is your favorite feature about one another?

 Ken: Brooke has a heart for life and love that keeps me wanting her more and more every day. 

Brooke: My favorite feature about Ken is his sense of humor. He can make me laugh, even in the toughest circumstances.

 What have you learned most from one another?

 Ken: She has taught me to be humble and strong at the same time, as well as what it means to be partners in life.

Brooke: I have learned more about passion from Ken than anything. Ken has a passion for anything that he sets his mind to, and even if it is a crazy hobby, he pursues it with 100%.

If you could give marriage advice to another couple, what would it be?

 Ken: Go with what your heart says, and leave your pride behind.

 Brooke: Tough it out. It’s worth it.

What makes your other half laugh?

 Ken: Jokes, lots of corny jokes

 Brooke: Ken laughs the most when we are silly together. When we dance, or watch funny movies, or playing with the kids makes Ken laugh the most.

One word to describe your marriage?

 Ken: Fulfilling

Brooke: Complete.

How many years of marriage?

 Ken: 15 years, each one better than the one before!

Brooke: almost 15 years.

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July 6, 2016
This was so much fun, Marissa. I thank you for the perspective that you gave our time together, and for capturing so much emotion!