I was asked not that long ago what I really wanted my photography to be about, when people looked at my photos what would they see, what did I want my brand to represent. I went through many different words that I felt may have been a representation of what I wanted it to be, but it was not until I really started working on my last two sessions that words just came to life for me.. what I see when I am with my couples it is quite unreal with all kinds of emotions.

So I came upon the words: sweet, inspirational and unique… my couples are seriously the sweetest, when it comes to them they are more than happy to go along with my ideas and trusting of who I am and what I stand for because of this I am able to capture rare moments caught on camera, ones that at times have brought tears to my clients eyes. It encourages me to continue to keep pushing through the hard patches and be everything I can be for my couples. They become part of the Marissa Simon Photography family.  Inspirational, MSPcouples are not just any couple they are couples that radiate love, joy, and humbleness. When they are with one another, they are often so caught up in their love for one another, I am no longer there and I am okay with that because I am learning, I am being inspired that this raw love is one not built on everything being easy and going their way, but knowing that these two before me have and will continue to fight battles and love one another through any situation because that is their commitment to loving one another, they are the couples that care for the other more than themselves and because of that they can still act as if they just met and others would never know that they have been together for years. Unique, MSPcouples are ones that stand out, when they look in each others eyes, you see this light and that light only shines for the other, they are bold, different and do not mind being caught up in each others arms and just being.

Last weekend, I once again was reminded of why I wanted my brand to represent sweet, inspirational and unique. Those words come to life, just wait till you see below.

I had the amazing privilege of capturing a couple that has always been real dear to my heart. I met them through their beautiful daughter while in my undergrad years about four years ago, they treated me and my small family at the time as their own and have done so every since.


Lynn & Joey are about the cutest most loving couple I have ever met. They have been married 35 amazing years (WHOOP) and have a beautiful family. She is a nurse and he is a coach, quite the catch! As I lead them to several different areas within the rose garden, I could not help, but notice their teenage like way of holding hands, with Joey leading Lynn and once in a while you could hear Lynn let out a laugh as they made little remarks here and there. The way that Joey looked at Lynn throughout the time of our session, in his eyes you could that his bride means the world to him and to make her laugh is his world lighting up. He kissed her with such a sweet and cute care and its as if they were lost in their own little world of Joey + Lynn!





Lynn, a beautiful lady, one who has been an inspiration of hope, strength, love and kindness to her three beautiful girls, who have gone on the be just as wonderful to their own families. This beautiful being, has fought and won in the battle with breast cancer and not to long ago she found out that again the cancer had come back, but now in her liver. As I received the unwelcoming news, I could not help, but feel hurt for my beautiful friends.

Here stood before me one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever known and she stood with strength and joy and I wanted to capture all of that in all of its essence.  She is a gem and I love her for raising some of the most beautiful ladies, one being my best friend. Thank you for being such an inspiration of light even in the darkness. You are rare and I can only hope that I too can take what I have learned from you and apply it to my own life and lead a life of being light.


For everyone who knows the power of prayers and believes in prayer, I ask that you keep my dear friend Lynn in prayer as she fights a battle against cancer! It is not an easy battle and it can be so unfair many times. Pray for her family to continue to be strong and supportive in any way possible. Pray for Joey, it is never easy to watch your bride fight and endure pain in doing so.

XOXO, Marissa


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