Let’s be honest, I have been crazy busy, I wish I could say it has been all work, but excitingly it has been school and with school comes a butt load of stress and about 5o pages of writing. Master’s, I keep telling myself it will be rewarding..at this point I am unclear of that. So anywhoo, because of stress, I turn to my love of couples, celebrations of marriage of sweet and authentic and a bit of hopeless romantics. This is my unwind, some people do it through running, exercising and whatever the heck floats your boat, I do it by capturing laughter, cute kisses and making people get close and personal and then stepping into that personal bubble, just a tad.

This South Texas weather is no joke, due to it’s bipolar tendencies, we had the hardest time getting a schedule down to shoot, but we finally did, yesterday evening. Thursday was the only day that showed sunshine and although clouds threatened the day, it couldn’t have turned out to be a more beautiful evening. Joel & Galilee, they are the definition of a breath of fresh air. There is nothing more beautiful than a couple that knows how to make the other laugh, these two did not disappoint. Joel, you pursue your bride and I caught myself seriously watching and making y’all “hold it” just a little longer, the genuine care you have in your eyes for one another, nobody can touch that! People say the first year is the hardest, honestly, I believe when God is in play throughout your marriage it can be so fulfilling and hard turns into grace and humbleness, it is a time of growth, of new learning and also new excitement. I pray that in all you do, you always pursue and find the excitement!!

Joel & Galilee, y’all…





Pettus, Tx


Y’all are beautiful.

XOXO, Marissa


Joel + Galilee

What is your favorite feature about one another?

Galilee: “his big, strong arms”
Joel: “dat booty” haha. “her eyes- especially when she smiles/laughs”

What have you learned most from one another?

Galilee: To be more loving in the way I say things.

Joel: To be patient and listen more.

If you could give marriage advice to another couple, what would it be?

Galilee: “It’s okay to go to bed angry sometimes! No one ever told me that…everyone always says “never go to bed angry,” but…when I am tired, I’m grouchy and really what I need is sleep!! We can talk about it in the morning.”
Joel: “Learn how to fight well. Learn as much about your wife as you can (what makes her happy, sad, etc.)”

What makes Joel laugh?

Galilee: “my dance moves always seem to make Joel laugh for some reason! It’s confusing though, because I have some pretty sweet moves :)”

What makes Galilee laugh?

Joel: “me…when I’m not trying too hard to be funny. And videos of dancing cats!”

One word to describe your marriage?

Galilee: “Real, Authentic.”

Joel: “FUN”

How many years have y’all been married?

One year!!!

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