“i am in love with a memory, i am in love with a future, i am in love with possibility, i am in love with you.”

a.r. asher


Jason & Tamara…


Your laugh it is infectious, your love is legit and as real as it gets…

xoxo, marissa


Jason + Tamara

What is your favorite feature about one another?

Jason: I love that Tamara misses me, even if we have only been apart a couple of hours. Knowing that she wants to spend every waking moment with me is one of the reasons I love her so much.

Tamara: Jason has this look he gives me. He locks eyes with me and smirks. This look causes me to blush and smile/laugh everytime. He tends to use when I’m not in the great of moods. Gets me every time.

What have you learned most from one another?

Jason: Tamara has taught me to not be afraid to chase a dream. I tend to let things come to me, and my beautiful wife pushes me to reach out and pursue what I want.

Tamara: There is never a moment or something that is hopeless or finished as long as you have faith, hope and love!

If you could give marriage advice to another couple, what would it be?

Jason: Talk to each other. So many times problems in a marriage stem from not knowing what is going on with each other. Talk about the good things – talk about the troubles. Just talk!

Tamara: Honestly communicate.

What makes your other half laugh?

Jason: Me! I have an infectious laugh and sense of humor…

Tamara: I think he finds humor everywhere. Jason is was always laughing and enjoying life.

One word to describe your marriage?

Jason: Real

Tamara: Joyful

How many years of marriage?

Jason: 7 years and no itch!

Tamara: 7 years on October 10th.

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