So anybody who has known me from the fist time that I ever tried embarking on this business of photography, know that these two have been there from the start. From engagements, to first anniversary, to maternity and now family/anniversary. From the time that I thought I was good and to the times that when I learned something new, they were my go to couple of “let me try this” every time they have been so patient and willing.

Some back history on these two, I have known Jacob since 14 and I really can say that all my teenage memories have this guy in them, why? Well my husband and him grew up together, at the ripe age of 4 and well when this girl came along, he didn’t quite give up his friends and the girl had two options..tag along or stay home. Needless to say, when he brought the beautiful babe, his future forever bride, Taren along…there was something about her that stood out, she was kind, beautiful not in the sense of looks because she is that too, but her heart was just loving, accepting and radiates a love for Christ that truly is inspiring. Anyone who knows her could easily say, she draws people in by just being Taren!!  It came as no surprise when Jacob proposed to her and I could not be happier for the two, a love that is full of laughs and let me tell you, Taren has a laugh that is contagious!

They welcomed a handsome little man, my nephew, seems like yesterday and he is growing so fast, but he is the absolute cutest little guy and I am completely wrapped around his finger and so is the rest of the world!! You can catch him at the bottom!!


Jacob & Taren y’all….



Beeville, Texas


Enjoy a TON of cuteness, oh and a lot of laughs!!
Marissa_Simon_CorpusChristi_Photographer_0003XoXo, Marissa

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