To say that Clinton and Jessica’s beach wedding was anything, but dreamy would be a complete fluff of air. It was my first beach wedding ever to shoot and to be a little honest I was a little scared about all the sand and to top it off, Clinton and Jessica were coming in from Dallas, Texas and I wanted to make the best impression. Jessica and I had chatted over Skype, we had emailed back and forth and to top it off, this was my first time shooting at this beautiful venue! If you are wanting a beautiful fresh beach surrounding with the best of the best, Mansion by the Sea is the place for amazingness, perfect hospitality and all around the perfect venue…you won’t be sorry. Promise, promise! The day was perfecto, the dolphins made appearances throughout the day, the weather was just right. Just wait to you see all the beauty!!

As I walked in to meet with Jessica on her wedding day, the bridal party was in full swing, laughter filled the room and the bride, well she was rockin’ a smile.  Clinton and Jessica’s wedding was eye candy and I could not be more happy for a couple that is so deeply in love that just simply watching them is an inspiration of magic, fierceness and laughter!






I’m a goober for father/daughter first looks!!2015-09-05_00082015-09-05_0009Marissa_Simon_CorpusChristi_Photographer_0022Marissa_Simon_CorpusChristi_Photographer_0023Marissa_Simon_CorpusChristi_Photographer_0024Marissa_Simon_CorpusChristi_Photographer_0025Marissa_Simon_CorpusChristi_Photographer_0026

Mr & Mrs. Holy, Y’all!!Marissa_Simon_CorpusChristi_Photographer_0027Marissa_Simon_CorpusChristi_Photographer_0028

Photobomb.Marissa_Simon_CorpusChristi_Photographer_0029Marissa Simon Photography_0031Marissa_Simon_CorpusChristi_Photographer_0030

This…My eyes had boohoo tears streaming. I don’t think there was a dry eye around. Marissa_Simon_CorpusChristi_Photographer_0032Marissa_Simon_CorpusChristi_Photographer_0033Marissa_Simon_CorpusChristi_Photographer_0034Marissa Simon Photography_0035Marissa Simon Photography_0036Marissa Simon Photography_0037Marissa Simon Photography_0038Marissa Simon Photography_0039Marissa Simon Photography_0040Marissa Simon Photography_0041Marissa Simon Photography_0042Marissa Simon Photography_0043Marissa Simon Photography_0044Marissa Simon Photography_0045Marissa Simon Photography_0046Marissa Simon Photography_0047The sweetest most heartfelt speech given by Jessica to her one and only Clinton..heartmelt!Marissa Simon Photography_0048Marissa Simon Photography_0049Marissa Simon Photography_0050Marissa Simon Photography_0051Marissa Simon Photography_0052Marissa Simon Photography_0056Marissa Simon Photography_0053Marissa Simon Photography_0054Marissa Simon Photography_0055
Can we talk about how much fun the groomsmen were? Hint (there was a full moon!)

Marissa Simon Photography_0057Marissa Simon Photography_0058Marissa Simon Photography_0059



Aransas Pass, Tx.

Ceremony & Reception Venue • Mansion by the Sea
Wedding Dress • Lasting Bridal Couture of Addison
Hair Color • Kimberly Hollon
Hair Style • Renee Green
Make up • Renee Green
Florist • Aransas flower company
DJ • William Waddill
Cake • Simply Elegant by Raymond

First dance • Dance me to the end of love by Leonard Cohen
Father/daughter •  Stand by me – Ben E King & Good only knows – the beach boys
Mother/Son • Simple man cover – Shinedown

Jessica + Clinton

What was the most memorable moment from your wedding day?
Jessica: For me, it was the ceremony itself, I told myself I have to remember this! Which means I have no idea what the pastor said except for the vows, I just have this amazing image of Clint across from me, standing so handsome in his white linen, under a perfect sky and ocean behind us. I hope I never lose that image of him smiling at me as if we were the only ones there.
Clinton: For Clint, he says the moment he saw my dad walk me over to the top of the stairs. He says he prepared himself for how I might look but when he saw me, it was just so much ‘more’. I don’t know if anyone else but me saw him mouth the word “Wow” at me lol. That was his moment.

Any advice for future bride & grooms?
Oh my gosh no, not from me. I would pass on the information others gave me, don’t stress and take time to soak in the moment with each other. Then relive it together as much as possible! We rehashed the entire wedding day the day after and caught memories and stories from each other that we might not have kept otherwise!

 Funniest memory of your wedding day?
Jessica: I forgot the right color undergarments!! I brought Black of all colors!! There was no turning back…as far as I know…I got away with it…
 Clinton: No idea lol
If you could do it all over again, would you change anything?
No! Not at all! This was a great GREAT day!
We took a 7 seven day cruise to the Caribbean and it was AMAZING!!



Jessica and Clinton, Y’all are inspiring and thank you so much for everything!!

tons of love friends,


Marissa Simon Photography_0060



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Lyssa Arzola
October 3, 2015
This is Lyssa with Mansion By The Sea. Thank you for your kind words about the venue, always appreciated! As for your photography, absolutely stunning. You are right, "breathtaking" is the only word that comes to mind when looking at this album. Jessica was such a sweet girl &I I enjoyed her bubbly smile! Her & Clinton looked so happy and in love...their first dance was AMAZING! And Jessica's speech to Clinton was so heartfelt, I cried! And you, Marissa, captured that love in all of these photos! Great job & you were very sweet! Definitely putting you on my vendor list! Jessica & Clinton, thank you for choosing Mansion by The Sea & I wish you a lifetime of happiness! Hope to see you & your awesome work more at the venue, Marissa! Thank you again! Lyssa