after all the words and all the ink and all the blank pages painted black with the adjectives of you, one thing is abundantly clear: nothing i write will ever be enough to sum you up.

tyler knott gregson.


i have made it a thing to take pictures of these two every year. they are a huge part of my world, they have become so much more than just my in-laws, they are beauty, a true example of what it means to serve with your heart, to show love in all you do, and a true testament of grace with just the right amount of accountability. they love deeply, with so much intention. when i met them 12 years ago… i had no idea they would come to mean so much to me, but they are my people… everyday that i look at their son… i know everything that he is was at one point guided by these two who prayed, showed unconditional love, and pushed him to be who he is now. it is never boring with them. there is always laughter, between the “innuendos”. 🙂

With all my love,

your beautiful latina daugher in law.

xox, marissa




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