A young girl who she worked with and who was in his youth group, she was the cause of their meeting, maybe it was just coincidence, maybe it was fate, or if you ask them it was God moving strategically on making a union of beauty.

She had already been set up on a date you could say with the girls brother, it was not exactly the best date she had ever been on, so when she was approached with another “I think you would like this guy” she wasn’t exactly jumping for joy, but she agreed.

first look

March 1, 1985,  she and a group were headed out to a youth rally at FBC Dallas, but with different churches. They had already decided that her friend would point him out and she would nod her head yes or no in approval.

…She later found out that he had already made some moves, she will laugh if you ask her today and call it “cheating” on who was interested in who first. You see, not that long before meeting him, she had her pictures taken at the local Dillard’s portait studio (the freebee of course) and well he worked at the Dillard’s, so he politely asked the lady, if he could see her pictures.

…the lady being kind, not only set up the all the pictures for him to see, but he went ahead and bought them! If you are thinking “Wierdo,” it’s okay, she thought the same!

…back to the youth rally, they were in the balcony and she was down stairs. So her friend,  had him look over smile and wave, he had no idea where she was sitting. she saw him, and gave a subtle nod of her head, yes.

the meet

After the event was over she went up to the balcony and they were officially introduced. He called a couple days later and asked her to a concert. But before that day arrived, she was at church with someone that knew him and they decided to go to the movies.


 While they waited for him they did some window shopping, they ended up at Gordon’s looking at rings. Maybe it was the glimmer, maybe it was just girls being girls, but she saw a set she liked, kidding around she told them “they could let him know!”

He arrived, they let the other couple pick the movie, “Nightmare on Elmstreet.”  Scary was not their kinda movie, so they ended up sitting there, with their hands in front of their faces, talking the entire time.

official date

The first date, they went to a concert and then out to eat…Chili’s of course (a future favorite.)

She couldn’t help, but notice. During dinner, the waitress flirted with him the whole time, he being clueless. Her thoughts, “uh, hello..I’m sitting right here.”

yup, that happened

Several weeks later he brought up marriage and she shut that subject down. Not to long after, in May, her uncle (big yankee man) was down for a visit. Her uncle kept asking him, what his intentions were towards her and she kept telling him “hush.”

When he left that night her uncle said “I’ll see you in 6 months for the wedding.”

the talk

A couple days later she, his mom and his sister were in his sisters room just visiting, his sister had put something in her hope chest and they went on chatting about things they already had put away for when they got married.

Later that night, when they were alone, he kept asking what they had been talking about in the bedroom. She felt awkward telling him, it didn’t help that he was being persistent on what they talked about, so she told him, they had talked about the little things in their hope chest, for when the girls got married.

His response…”I’ve been wondering what you would think about us getting married.”

Yup, no great proposal.

That didn’t matter, it wasn’t about the proposal, it was about their hearts, how God from the get go was strategically putting people in their lives, so that they could meet. It wasn’t about how grand or how small, it wasn’t something for the world to give applause too on whether or not he did the proposal right, it was the commitment of asking and knowing that he took a selfless leap, the young lady, before his eyes was also saying,  “yes,” to committing her life, trusting him to guide and direct her, to lead her to the cross daily, to keep her accountable and she, him. He would be her protector, he would seek her out, daily…that was the proposal…

The next day, they went and looked at rings. The one he purchased, you guessed it, it was the one she had jokingly picked out the night of the movie. She called her uncle and asked “if he was coming back in 6 months for the wedding!”

they were married on November 23, 1985

Brian & Nancy, y’all…

Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0217

Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0203Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0204Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0205this, this is what it’s about. Ask them their secret and they may tell, they may not..truth, he makes her laugh, to the point that she has tears in her eyes, she struggles to breath because she can’t catch her breath! I’ve known them 11 years now…this happens every time, seems more and more with every year that goes by…

Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0206Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0207Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0208Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0209Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0210Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0212Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0211Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0213Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0214Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0215Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0219They are many roles, the best one is to each other first.

second, they are Mom & Pop to the most amazing kids (many many, even if they aren’t blood)

third, they are Pop-Pop & Mimi to grandchildren that mean the world to them.

What a blessing to know that in every circumstance, this is what they see as relationship goals!

Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0216

Corpus Christi, Tx



Brian + Nancy

What is your favorite feature about one another?
Brian: I love to see her smile at me.

Nancy: His butt! I love his butt! Unless you didn’t mean that kind of feature then his heart. Full of kindness and love for others. Always putting others first. Willing to go the extra mile.

What have you learned most from one another?
Brian: To always, always be honest with each other.

Nancy: That I am loved. The good, the bad and the ugly me. Loved no matter what.

If you could give marriage advice to another couple, what would it be?
Brian: To alway, always, alway be honest with each other.

Nancy: Friendship and laughter is so important to your relationship. Enjoy being with each other. Be united in decisions. Be ready for anything and willing to work through everything.

What makes your other half laugh?
Brian: Most of the time she laughs at my expense…when i do something completely silly and without thought.

Nancy: Me – my sneezes, my not so perfect texting, the way I sometimes laugh till I cry

One word to describe your marriage?
Brian: solid

Nancy: Deepening

How many years of marriage?

Marissa Simon Corpus Christi Photographer_0218

I love y’all, I know that your relationship is more than the beginning, I know 30 years has been filled with many ups, down, and all arounds! Thank you, for always seeking out Christ in every moment, for showing grace, keeping faith, and modeling that to others.

xo, Marissa, your (DIL)

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Diane Gryseels
January 21, 2016
Beautiful story of God's plan unfolding in the lives of two very special people. Marisa, I love how you capture the hearts of all you photograph. You have a huge heart for God and family and it shows!